The Sunshine Coast is a preferred destination for many due to its immaculate beaches. However, should one venture approximately 40 kilometers inland, a different enticement awaits – the captivating waterfalls of the Sunshine Coast. To unearth these hidden gems, redirect from the beach upon arrival and set course for the hinterland for an enriching day trip. Here, shaded rainforests cradle undisclosed waterfalls and freshwater swimming holes.

Trade the saline experience for a rejuvenating one with this comprehensive guide to the finest waterfalls on the Sunshine Coast.

  1. Gardners Falls Who necessitates a swimming pool when Gardners Falls offers a natural, aesthetically pleasing alternative? It is easily accessible and caters to all age groups, featuring both small and large pools for enjoyment. Located a mere 30-minute drive from the coast in the hinterland town of Maleny, one should proceed to Obi Obi Creek, park along its banks, and traverse the flat, pram-friendly 300m path to reach the substantial swimming hole. For those with younger swimmers, shallow rock pools closer to the car offer a perfect venue for playful splashing. A full day can be dedicated to this waterfall excursion by laying a rug on the surrounding grassy banks or securing a picnic table to share refreshments, ideally procured fresh from local favorites.

Directions: Travel along Landsborough-Maleny Road, divert at Obi Lane South, and trace the road (beyond Spicers Tamarind Retreat) to reach the designated car park.

  1. Kondalilla Falls The name “Kondalilla,” stemming from the Aboriginal term denoting “rushing waters,” aptly characterizes this 90m high waterfall. One experiences the literal rush of waters when immersing in its invigorating embrace. For a more fulfilling waterfall escapade, it is advisable to tackle the Kondalilla Falls Circuit before indulging in the refreshing plunge. This circuit, reminiscent of a natural Stairmaster with over 100 stairs along the 4.7km round-trip, mandates robust footwear and a reasonable fitness level. The sights from the Kondalilla Falls lookout will leave one breathless long before physical exertion does, presenting a breathtaking view of Skene Creek plummeting 90 meters below. Even if the entire circuit is not completed, reaching the rockpool base of this waterfall justifies the hike, as it meanders through tall open eucalyptus forests merging into dense rainforest.

Directions: If coming from Montville in the north or Flaxton in the south, keep an eye out for the national park sign when turning onto Kondalilla Falls Road. Continue on this road until reaching the designated car park.

  1. Buderim ‘Serenity’ Falls Concealed within Buderim Forest Park, Buderim Falls (also known as Serenity Falls) emerges as a compact waterfall nestled amidst strangler figs and native vines. Mere minutes from the main stretch of Buderim Village, it stands in proximity to coffee shops, negating the need to carry a picnic basket throughout the day. For those short on time but still yearning for Sunshine Coast waterfall allure, aiming for the high entry point from Quorn Close is advised. This straightforward 300m dirt track culminates at the falls. Alternatively, if a more leisurely pace is desired, opt for the lower entry point via Lindsay Road through Harry’s Lane.

Regardless of the chosen route, the park greets visitors with a splendid elevated wooden arch bridge, meticulously constructed off-site and later transported to the park via helicopter. Crossing the bridge towards the Quorn Close side grants access to the base and lower creeks through steps, a test for one’s rock hopping skills. *Note: While the creek is spring-fed at its source, it traverses numerous urban developments and stormwater drains, rendering swimming inadvisable.

Directions: Program GPS for either Quorn Close or Harry’s Lane.

  1. Booloumba Falls Deep within the Sunshine Coast hinterland, nestled in Conondale National Park, Booloumba Falls offers a waterfall encounter amidst awe-inspiring scenery – lush rainforests, eucalyptus forests, and boulder-strewn creeks. The journey to discover this waterfall forms an integral part of the adventure, necessitating a high-clearance 4WD vehicle to access the park and Booloumba Creek day-use area. The drive unfolds through unspoiled mountain landscapes and multiple creek crossings, offering panoramic vistas of the mountain range en route.

Upon arrival, don appropriate walking shoes for the Booloumba Falls Walk, an uncomplicated 2km forest track past cascades and rock pools until reaching the waterfall nirvana. Did we mention camping is a possibility here? Transform your day outing into a two-day odyssey with the assistance of this guide.

Directions: When approaching from Kenilworth in the south or northwest from Maleny, make a turn at Booloumba Creek Rd. Continue along the narrow bitumen road, passing farm properties, until the road transitions to gravel, signifying the entrance to the national park. Note that Google Maps might not function optimally in these areas, hence relying on signages rather than Siri is recommended.

  1. Wappa Falls

For the type of traveler who revels in uncovering hidden natural wonders that often elude the local populace, Wappa Falls, merely five minutes from Yandina, beckons. Fed by the South Maroochy River, these falls comprise rock formations and small rock pools, culminating in a mini-gorge below. Navigating this terrain involves a degree of scrambling, necessitating caution due to potentially slippery rocks. Embark on a day-long adventure by commencing with a visit to the Yandina Markets (discover why it’s a local’s happy place) and procure supplies to relish either at the falls or beneath the shaded trees at Wappa Dam park.

Directions: Take the Nambour Connection Road exit off the Bruce Highway, subsequently turning off at Wappa Falls Rd. Continue until making a right turn at Pump Station Rd, where Wappa Falls is situated. Alternatively, park at Wappa Dam and embark on a brief 10-minute walk to the falls.

For an extensive array of outstanding bushwalking resources, peruse here.

Image credit: Chris Whitelaw © Queensland Government

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